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Happy Birthday to TOYA – a KNOCKOUT gift and then it’s gone Book No 11


Toya’s Treat

But not for long…

Book  11 in the current PASS THE BOOK HALL OF FAME campaign for Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance goes to…. the Birthday Girl TOYA.   Hope you have a good one girl! Sorry you will lose your pressie – promise to make it up to you with something you can keep…


Twin Starter Stars

John Guy Collick – accidental receiver of book number 7

Official Starter Star Judith – finally gets her hands on book No 7


Well, it had to happen, book No 7 was destined for book club reader Judith but when I popped round with her brown envelope (see post about book No. 5) she was out.  Luckily, hubby John was in and as he is also an author, he was very interested to see my book in the flesh.  Even though we are all babes of the digital age, you can’t beat the impressive feel of something solid in your hand!  He is currently awaiting the imminent return of  his book THUMB from the editors so could be pressing the publish button very soon.  You can see the provisional cover art for his book on the right – it’s gorgeous German Expressionist Style.  John is currently writing a series of Science Fantasy and  Fiction books – but he is already a well known academic and non-fiction author.  His work can be found in the University libraries of the world.  Judith is also very clever she is a teacher (so let’s hope the grammar is OK!). Luckily Freddie is foreign so you have to forgive him any errors.  It is scary to think of this book moving in educated circles.

Follow the progress and launch of John Guy Collick’s SF series here

Debbie’s Daring Deluge Dash for Holiday Read – Knockout! by Emma Calin

Braving the rain for her copy of Knockout! Starter Star Debbie gets book no 6


Debbie braved her way through the deluge to get her carefully wrapped copy of Knockout! for her holiday read.  She is counting the days til she escapes to hot sunny Greece.  All that rain followed by scorching sun – it’s sure gonna be a steamy read!

Discretely delivered in a brown envelope – Book No 5 in the PASS THE BOOK HALL OF FAME

Anonymity guaranteed – carefully packaged for maximum discretion.


Starter Star No 5 is  Christina (& David!! ) – she fancied  the “Perfect Poolside Partner” ready for her hols.  Let’s hope she’s not disappointed!

Lovely Lucienne

No 4 Starter Star Lucienne a lovely French lady who is going to check out Freddie’s credentials!


Book number 4 is now in the hands of Lucienne – a French lady who is very clever and reads English. She is keen to see if Freddie lives up to the traditions of French lovers.

Made Marian


This is Marian – she has got copy no 3 of passionate romance by Emma Calin “Knockout!”.  Marian works with special needs children and keeps them happy and under control on their journeys to and from college.

Besa mi mucho Kate


The second PASS THE BOOK copy of Emma Calin’s Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance was also taken by Kate – she has many colleagues and one edition was just not enough to go round!

Kiss me Kate


The very first PASS THE BOOK copy has been taken by Kate in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Kate is a nurse and works very hard – she loves to curl up with a good book to relax.  She says her colleagues are looking forward to getting their hands on this steamy romance – Knockout! by Emma Calin.

First Batch of 10 Books Ready for our STAR STARTERS

The stickers finally arrived, so the first set of 10 books have been labelled and numbered.  Which book is it?  Well, it had to be my very own:  Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance.

The Pritt stick has been out and the instruction plates glued inside the front covers, the back pages have been marked up with columns so our readers can leave their comments.  It felt very strange writing in brand new pristine copies – my kids were horrified!

This is all very exciting!

Before the glue was dry, the first 3 books disappeared out the door to our very first STAR STARTERS.  Two books  have gone to some lovely nurses and a third has gone to a lady who escorts children on a school bus.  You can see their photos on the Hall of Fame galleries for Knockout!  Books 1-3.

Watch this space to find out who our next STAR STARTERS will be…

Hello World!

Well, here we are poised to launch the first PASS IT ON book sharing challenge.

Soon the first 10 copies of Emma Calin’s Knockout a Passionate Police Romance will be handed out  – and set loose on the world…

I am very excited!  As soon as I have the photos  I will post them here.

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