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John Guy Collick – accidental receiver of book number 7

Official Starter Star Judith – finally gets her hands on book No 7


Well, it had to happen, book No 7 was destined for book club reader Judith but when I popped round with her brown envelope (see post about book No. 5) she was out.  Luckily, hubby John was in and as he is also an author, he was very interested to see my book in the flesh.  Even though we are all babes of the digital age, you can’t beat the impressive feel of something solid in your hand!  He is currently awaiting the imminent return of  his book THUMB from the editors so could be pressing the publish button very soon.  You can see the provisional cover art for his book on the right – it’s gorgeous German Expressionist Style.  John is currently writing a series of Science Fantasy and  Fiction books – but he is already a well known academic and non-fiction author.  His work can be found in the University libraries of the world.  Judith is also very clever she is a teacher (so let’s hope the grammar is OK!). Luckily Freddie is foreign so you have to forgive him any errors.  It is scary to think of this book moving in educated circles.

Follow the progress and launch of John Guy Collick’s SF series here


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