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First Batch of 10 Books Ready for our STAR STARTERS

The stickers finally arrived, so the first set of 10 books have been labelled and numbered.  Which book is it?  Well, it had to be my very own:  Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance.

The Pritt stick has been out and the instruction plates glued inside the front covers, the back pages have been marked up with columns so our readers can leave their comments.  It felt very strange writing in brand new pristine copies – my kids were horrified!

This is all very exciting!

Before the glue was dry, the first 3 books disappeared out the door to our very first STAR STARTERS.  Two books  have gone to some lovely nurses and a third has gone to a lady who escorts children on a school bus.  You can see their photos on the Hall of Fame galleries for Knockout!  Books 1-3.

Watch this space to find out who our next STAR STARTERS will be…


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